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Her Voice

Her Voice, 2018
Venue: Anderson Gallery, Richmond, VA, USA
Video Time: 50 seconds, play in a loop
Publication Size: 18 inches x 18 inches sound track book (10 pages)
Technique: Video and publication sound installtion, paper print, book binding
Material: Mate paper, Grey Mat Board, Glue, 34 inches monitor
Software: InDesign, Photoshop, Audition

Her Voice is a sound multimedia installation project that presents my similar gestures and movements in daily life. The book is from the visualization of the soundtrack from each movement. I recorded the series of moves I do everyday morning. These series are similar to mechanical working. Her voice discusses the mechanical relationship between me and the machine.

Her Voice是一个声音多媒体装置项目,展示的是我每天相同的生活动作。Her voice书展示的是视频中我每个动作发出的声音的声道的视觉转化。我记录了每天早上我的一系列动作。这个系列与机械感的工作很相似。Her Voice讨论的是我与机械的机械感的相似性。

Click here for watching Her Voice video on Vimeo.