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Yutong Liu is an independent graphic and visual designer from China. She is co-fouder of MUYA (https://muyaart.com/) and currently teaching as an Ajunct Faculty of graphic design department at VCUarts in USA. She got MFA Design - Visual Communication at Virginia Commonwealth University School of Fine Arts in USA (2018-2020)🇺🇸and BFA Visual Communication Design at Luxun Academy School of Fine Arts in China (2013-2017)🇨🇳.Her work based on machine sympathy and cyber humnanities, research on material and immaterial, visual languages using, exploration on printed and digital publication.Her works are selected or awarded by AIGA(American Institute of Graphic Arts), IDA, The One Show ADC, Number:Inc.,and A' Design and Competition, etc.

刘禹桐,来自中国的独立平面与视觉设计师,她是木牙MUYA(https://muyaart.com/)的共同创始人并且目前是美国VCUarts平面设计系的半职教职任教讲师。她在美国弗吉尼亚联邦大学艺术学院设计与视觉传达专业拿到硕士研究生学位(2018-2020)。并在中国鲁迅美术学院视觉传达设计专业拿到本科学位(2013-2017)。她的作品相关于机械情感共鸣和赛博人文,材料性与非材料性的研究,视觉语言的应用,印刷和数字出版物的探索。她的作品被AIGA(美国专业设计协会),IDA,The One Show ADC,Number:Inc. 和 A' Design and Competition中提名,展示和获奖。

Feel free to say hi and contact her for any freelance works or projects.

🧷 Email: yutongliu.machinegirl@gmail.com / machinegirl@qq.com
🧷 Social: Instagram WeChat (visual1995)



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