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Our Relationship book

‍Our Relationship, 2018
Size: 8.5 inches x 11 inches
Technique: paper print, book binding, multi-material research
Material: 80lb paper, transparency paper, ring type binding
Software: InDesign, Photoshop

Our Relationship book art piece contains and collects comments from the question online “One sentence to your ex-boyfriend.”. The images half are in blue, and half are in red. And also, half are printed on soft transparency paper, and half print on thick white paper. The magic moment is when you open and read the book. The page will attract to each other because of the production of magnetic force between different materials. Colors of overlapping between red and blue are similar to the color which deep inside the human body.

Our Relationship book中包含并收集了网友对“给前男友一句话”这一问题的评论。图像一半是蓝色的,一半是红色的。另外,一半印在软透明纸上,另一半印在厚白纸上。神奇的时刻是当你打开并阅读这本书的时候。由于不同材料之间产生磁力,书页会相互吸引。红蓝交叠的颜色与人体内部的颜色相似。