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Touch, 2020
Technique: Digital Art, Motion Design, 3D Art, Paper Print
Software: After Effect, Premiere, Cinema 4D

🖥: “When you sit in front of me, you become me.”
👩🏻: “It starts from touch, It is generated by touch, It communicates through touch, It will be end with touch.”
Touch is based on one of my projects, Machine girl. Touch is a kind of memory. Did you touch your laptop, computer, or your telephone today? In the Western World, “To see the world in a grain of sand, a heaven in a wildflower. Hold infinity in the palm of your hand, And eternity in an hour.” This work discusses the touch between machine and human. The touch left a mechanical memory deep inside the machine and input of human’s mind. When we sit in front of devices, we become like them. In the end, what we can be left, the memory could be our last words and evidence of this world.

触摸是基于Machine girl项目的一个作品。触摸是一种记忆。你今天有触摸你的笔记本,电脑,或者是你电脑吗?在《西部世界》里有一段话这样讲:“一花一世界,一沙一天国,君掌盛无边,刹那含永劫。”这部作品讨论了在机械和人类之间触摸的关系。这种触摸在机械中留下了机械的记忆的同时也是人类思维的输入。当我们坐在电脑或者设备前,我们变得越来越像他们。在最后,我们可以留下什么呢,记忆和触摸是我们成为了我们在这个世界上不可抹去的结束语和存在的证据。

2020: Featured and Publishied on Number: Inc 103 Art in crisis.
2020: Featured on AIGA Fresh Grad showcase 2020
2020: Work featured on Art Hole:04 UK magazine

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