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Why you always ask "why" book

Why you always ask "why", 2018
Size: 1 inch x 6.5 inches for book, 1.1 inches x 1 inch x 0.25 inches for book middle little cover, 52 pages in total
Technique: Paper Print, Material Research
Material: 80bl mate paper, metal cover box
Software: InDesign, Photoshop

Why you always ask “why” search bar book piece is from my search history list on Google searching engine. The book size and font using are similar to the shape of the search bar and typing words on Google. I collected some of the interesting questions I ask in general. To Google, who always be here to answer my questions.

Why you always ask "why"搜索栏书是从谷歌搜索引擎我的搜索历史列表上收集的搜索历史。使用的图书大小和字体类似于谷歌上的搜索栏和输入单词的形状。我收集了一些我通常会问的有趣的问题。献给谷歌,永远在这里回答我的问题。