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Blue and White history book

Blue and White history book, 2018
Size: 13.7cm x 6cm for each, Two parts of book, 240 pages (total)
Publication Size: 18 inches x 18 inches sound track book (10 pages)
Technique: inject print and laser cut
Material: Mate paper, Grey Mat Board, Glue
Software: InDesign, Photoshop

Blue and White history book is a book art piece I made it in 2018. Blue and White porcelain are some of the great histories in China. I believe the publication is a container. The production of these porcelains is the container of Chinese history. They include history in China. I read through the book “Yuan And Ming Blue And White From Jiangxi” and document a part of them into my books. Blue and White history book divides into two little pieces. One is in Chinese, and the other is in English. It means the fusion of culture. Words are overlapping in the book. The words from history overlap the words from nowadays.

Blue and White history book 是我在2018年创作的一件书艺术作品。青花瓷是中国重要历史文物。我认为出版物是一种容器。这些瓷器也承载着中国悠久的历史。我通读了《元明江西青花瓷》这本书,并把其中的一部分记录进了我的书里。Blue and White history book 分成两部分。一个是中文的,另一个是英文的。它意味着文化的融合。这本书里的字是重叠的。历史上的词语与现在的词语相互重叠。

2019: Awarded by The One Show:Young Ones ADC 2019 and Featured on the archive of The One Club