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Machine Girl & Love Code

“To devices, they spend time with us all the time. Thanks for Machine Girl stay with me in this quarantine, isolation, and pandamic (COVID-19) time. Thanks for Machine Girl grow with me”

“Remember, mimic and love;
Storage, fill in my memory;
Love, easy to define, hard to express;
Space,living in the dark, born in your shadow;
Mirror, this machine is a girl;
Screen, the girl is not machine;
Touch, this love is a secret.”

✿ Machine Girl & Love Code book ✿

Machine Girl & Love Code book, 2020
Pages and size: 97 pages, 8 X 9 inches
Technique: Paper Print, Publication Design
Software: InDesign, Photoshop, Illustrator

It starts and inputs from the human body language "touch" to the machines get received, transformed, and stored. Touch becomes an electronic memory, and it is also a substantial body language to convey our emotions. Living with the cyber net, the relationship between us and machines reflects human emotion and social reality. When we sit in front of the screen, we become them. In the book Machine Girl & Love Code, I collected all the poems I wrote about the Machine Girl and transformed my fingerprints left on each letter on the keyboard to a group of "fonts," similar to the electronic code -- Love Code. Input and output, the side-by-side book design describes the touch conversion and emotional memory between physical and digital. In 2020, we were isolated from the outside world at home because of the Coronavirus for a long time. In work and life, a lot of bridges are built through machines. This book brings many people to rethink machines' cooperative roles from another perspective and reflect them with machine emotional humanities. The girl is not for the gender is for personal outcomes. The machine is not a device that is a reflection of humanities empathy. And the love code is a visual language of this interactive and transforming magical process.

机械女孩与爱情代码,由人类肢体语言“触摸”始发和输入,到机械电子设别的接收,转化和储存这一过程中产生的交互视觉语言的研究与讨论。触摸成为一种电子记忆,触摸同时也是我们传达情感的重要肢体语言。在当下赛博网络的影响下,我们与机械之间的关系也在不断转化。机械被不断赋予人文情感和现实映射。在HBO《西部世界》中有这样一段话:“To see the world in a grain of sand, a heaven in a wildflower. Hold infinity in the palm of your hand,and eternity in an hour.”当我们坐在电脑边,我们变得越来越像他们。在世界与时光的尽头,记忆和触摸都会是我们成为在这个世界上不可抹去的结束语和存在的证据。在《机械女孩与爱情代码》这本书的设计中,我收集了我创作的所有相关于机械女孩的诗作。使用自己在键盘敲打每个字母的指纹创作出的一组与电子代码相似的“字体”组 -- Love Code。在书中,Love Code与英文结合书籍页面对称的特点进行并排设计。字母与语言相互翻译和转化,人文与机械输入和输出,英文版本和Love Code版本的并排式设计描述了物理与数字之间的触摸转换与情感储存。2020年,由于新型冠状病毒的影响,我们与外界处于长期的居家隔离,工作和生活很多都是通过机械来搭建桥梁的,这本书带给了很多人从另一个角度来看待机械的工作。

2020: Featured and Collected in VCU Library scholars compass. / Read full book from here. (点击这里阅读整本书)

✿ Love Code ✿

Love Code typeface A-Z

Love Code typeface ( used in character )

Love Code Poster

Love Code Poster

Love Code Poster

Love Code keyboard A-Z

Love Code – floating fingerprints (Touch)

Love Code – floating fingerprints (Love)

Love Code – floating fingerprints (Mirror)

Love Code – floating fingerprints (Remember)

Love Code – floating fingerprints (Screen)

Love Code – floating fingerprints (Space)

Love Code – floating fingerprints (Storage)