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Machine vs Girl Factory

Machine vs Girl Factory, 2019
Venue: Cherry Gallery, Richmond, VA, USA
Time: 2 mins 45 seconds
Technique: Publication Design, 3D print, Laser Cut,leaser engraving,letter press, glue gun tracing,Two-screen video, Multimedia and multi-material installation
Material: projector, monitor, book shelf, Met Board
Software: InDesign, Audition, 3D printer

Machine vs Girl Factory is the project which pushes me into the research on the input and output of machine working. I send my daily drawing patterns to the 3D printers, letterpress printer, and laser-cut printer. The processing between the works which I draw and the pieces which machines print out are the translation from human languages to machine languages. My drawing patterns present my visual language. The fragments of machine produce from my order are the reflection of machine languages. In this machine girl factory, machine and girl are working together.

Machine vs Girl Factory 是一个关于机械工作的输入和输出的研究。我发送了我的日常绘画图案分别给3D打印机,字体印刷打印机,和激光切割打印机。在我绘制图案的过程和机械打印出我图案的过程是一种在人类语言和机械语言之间的翻译和转化。我绘制的图案是我的视觉表现图案。机械的最终产出是我给机械下达的命令的一种机械语言的反馈。在这个机械女孩的制作工厂中,机械和女孩工作在了一起。

Click here for watching Machine vs Girl Factory video on Vimeo.